Who are Tick-Tickets?

Tick-Tickets is a ticket service and premium concierge company servicing clients for all entertainment events. Our goal is to satisfy every customer’s needs, regardless of the client’s budget.

We provide a superior allotment of tickets to all entertainment events with “on-site” upscale hospitality. Tick- Tickets.com offers customized event packages including suites and amenities.

Why should I buy from Tick-Tickets?

We are sure that there are plenty of ticket sites that you the fan can give your business to, but we believe buying through us is what actually starts your exciting entertainment experience not the beginning of the event! Tick-Tickets value each customer and their needs to assist in providing you with the ultimate experience.

Is Tick-Tickets website secure?

Yes, our site is monitored daily and PCI-compliant.

Is Tick-Tickets affiliated with any venue, team, box office, or Ticketmaster?

No, Tick-Tickets is not affiliated with any venue, team, box office, or Ticketmaster. We are a secondary ticket selling source that thrives to service fans.

Why are these tickets paper and why is there another person’s name on it?

Paper tickets, also known as Ticketfast tickets, are the new form of print-your-own tickets being offered by Ticketmaster or the venue’s box office. Ticketfast tickets allow customers to obtain their tickets by email rather than waiting for them to be shipped. Ticketfast tickets are as valid as traditional hard tickets. The name printed on the ticket belongs to the individual whose credit card was used to purchase the ticket originally, however this does NOT require that individual to be the one using the ticket.

Why am I charged more than face value?

We carry premium tickets to sold-out events, and pay premium prices to obtain tickets. Face value is not a factor in our pricing model. Pricing is based on ticket demand, availability and market conditions.

Can I have my tickets delivered to another address?

Tickets cannot be delivered to a different address other than the credit cardholders billing address. Tick-Tickets has an agreement with the credit card companies to only ship to the billing address of the credit card being used for the purchase.

Are these seats next to each other?

Unless otherwise noted, seats purchased in sets or groups are always next to each other.

If I wait until the day of the event, do I get a better price or deal on the tickets?

Waiting until the day of an event to purchase tickets can be risky. The ticket business is much like the stock market and prices are based solely on availability and demand. If you wait, the event can sell out; the price can go up, down or remain the same. It is important to note that by waiting the customer takes the chance of not being able to get any tickets or paying much more than what they would have paid initially. Keep in mind that due to market driven price fluctuations, we cannot honor prices that were quoted at an earlier date.

Why do I have to do a fax? I order over the internet all the time and do not have time to do this?

For the Customer’s protection against credit card fraud, a fax authorization may be required for security purposes, to ensure the customer’s credit card, identification, signature, and billing address are correct. This is something that protects the customer and the company.

What proof of purchase do I get?

Upon the completion of the order and confirmation from a sales representative, the customer will receive a receipt in the mail, with their package or via email describing their order and showing method of payment. In addition, the customer information will be stored in our computers to keep record of orders placed.